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Company:Kai Yuan Hardware Wire Mesh Co.,Limited
Factory Address:Wire Mesh Industrial Park , Shenze County Hebei Province China 052500
Office Address:Shenze County Shijiazhuang City Hebei Province China 052500
  About us

Kaiyuan has been in wire mesh business for over 24 years.Our facilities are primarily stocked with
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh ,Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Elements, Welded Wire Mesh, Woven Mesh, Metal Wire, Fabricated Capabilities.
WORK ETHIC- As Strong As Our Metals
We believe that extra effort, care and attention to detail will favorably set us apart from other potential suppliers. Call today and our knowledgeable and friendly sales personnel will help you with items from our ever expanding inventory, or with your specific application requirements. We provide products to America, Japan, Germany, ,Italy ,The Netherland, Australia Canada and companies based throughout the World.
Don't see what you're looking for? Call now and we'll find it for you!

  Recommended Products
Single Loop Baling Wire
    Applications: Manufactured to specifications for manual baler applications - easy to use Plastic wrapped and product description tagged bundles can be circle formed and shipped on a pallet or in gaylord boxes which provides cost savings lowers shipping cost
Sintered mesh filter other elements
Sintered mesh filter other elements
Sintered mesh filter discs


Available in different thicknesses and porosities
Highly reliable
Excellent resistance to harmful chemicals
Made of superior quality glass

Small size - O.D. 6.5 mm. (tolerance ±0.1 mm.), Thickness : 2.2 mm. to 2.5 mm.
With a hole in centre – Thickness : 3.5 mm. to 8 mm., Centre I.D.: 4, 5, 6 mm. or above, O.D.: up to 100 mm,
Max. Size: 150 mm X 100 mm., Thickness: 4 mm. to 10 mm

Sintered mesh filter tubes with flange

KAIYUAN  Sintered Filter Tubes are of high quality ,we are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of Sintered  filters.
 We produce high quality metal filters, such as SS Screen Filters,Tube Filters,Screen Cylinders, Copper Border Filters,pleated filters, leaf disk filters, test

sieve, Sintered Candle Filter Elements, etc.Our filters are supplied to almost every conceivable industry from petrochemical industry, chemical fiber, film,

plastic to pharmaceut, food industry etc.

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